Saturday, 5 October 2013

1888 Instagram Hotel Sydney

1888 Instagram Hotel Sydney

After presenting you the Twitter Hotel here is another social media themed place the Instagram Hotel for the lovers of Instagram. Located in Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia, the five-story accommodation has a view at every level, and all elements have been thought through to be considered‘Instagram-worthy before being used in the decor.

Named after the year Kodak released its first box and roll camera, the hotel has free WiFi throughout the entire vicinity, and an iPad in each of the 90 rooms for guests to use.

As soon as visitors step into the hotel, they'd be able to see a spot for selfies to post a picture of their check-in, and a digital mural of Instagram-taken pictures.

Guests who have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, or those who take the best pictures while staying at the hotel, would also be able to win a free night's stay.

Each room is priced from around US$140 per night. Check out more of what the hotel looks like on Instagram with the hashtag #1888hotel.