Friday, 27 September 2013

Table Salt vs Sea Salt

Many people believe that sea salt is superior to regular table salt. But is it possible that the producers of the expensive varieties of salt, which supposedly contains more minerals, just pull the wool over their customers’ eyes?

Nutritionists advise not to abandon the use of salt at all, but at the same time not to abuse foods high in salt. Love for salt can bring to the joint disease and obesity. Therefore, in the struggle for health and slimness, women often use sea salt instead of table salt.

However, according to the representatives of the «Which?» British consumer group, sea salt does not possess any particularly useful qualities. It is no more useful than usual table salt.

As stated by the experts, they saw that many people prefer buying more expensive sea salt because they believe it to be healthier. But they claim it is totally a waste of money. They call trendy chefs’ tips about using sea salt groundless.

British researchers recommend not using salt at all. They say many foods already contain “more than enough salt.”

Nevertheless, manufacturers of sea salt insist that table salt is strongly processed and does not contain any nutrients.